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गुलाबी नगरी  – Travel & Lifestyle Jaipur city Blog where we make you re-explore your city & make you fall for it all over again.

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Hi! We’re Amit Dosaya,  Ankit Bhardwaj & Mudit Tewarithe founders of गुलाबी नगरी three individuals with a passion for travelling and exploring places around the city-Travelling makes us happy.

We intend to keep you informed & updated on various aspects of our Jaipur city through our well-researched blogs & articles.

At the same time, we also bring for you the latest updates & information on what is going on across the Nation & Globe.

We are on a mission to create a Family of well-read & informed individuals who don’t merely live in गुलाबी नगरी-JAIPURbut live in a City.

We seek your support & love for the accomplishment of the above.

With that being said & promised, we are excited to share our views about Jaipur


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